In the world of compliance, we often see companies grappling with the ‘outsourced vs. in-house’ dilemma. That’s where we step in with something a bit different – a Resourced Compliance Function. It’s like giving your existing compliance efforts a friendly boost, not a complete makeover.

Here's where we can support you
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    Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

Here's how we work

We know the secret sauce to any successful global solution is continuity – and guess what? We’re all about keeping things consistent, comfortable, and top-notch. Imagine having a familiar face, the same dedicated team, and consistent quality every single time. Sounds like a dream? Well, that’s just how we roll!

Your Personal Dream Team

The same friendly face, every time? You bet! Our continuity commitment means you’ll work with the same member of staff, building a relationship that’s more like a partnership.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

And the dream team stays the same too! Same team, same manager, same exceptional vibes. It’s like your favorite band, always ready to play your top hits.

Quality Control? More Like Quality Assurance

Under the watchful eye of the same senior, we ensure our quality is not just consistent, but consistently fantastic. Just the way you like it!

Tailored to Fit You Perfectly

We’re not just keeping things consistent; we’re aligning everything with your specific needs and desired outcomes. It’s like having a suit tailor-made for you, every single time.

Here's our defined models of working

A direct extension to your onshore team working with you in the exact way & processes as a member of your inhouse finance team would. One or several members of the team would be working together depending on your requirements combining experienced specialists working together as one with you.

Let’s address the elephant in the room, you want to scale your finance team globally.

One or several of the following might be holding you back. You don’t have the time, capital investment, local knowledge or trusted partners on the ground to do this with, which is why you are here.

We have a combined 60+ years of expertise & knowledge with the proven track record to match of Establishing, Representing & Manging or Moving global offshored solutions to our partners.

Regardless of way of working, think of us as your compliance collaborators. We’re here to work alongside your team, ensuring everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

Here’s how we actually get the job done

We work exclusively on our clients’ systems, software and environments. No details, no data and no manually uploading files to a separate portal, server or database.

This doesn’t only ensure compliance, data security and ease of working however equally as important is your time not being wasted by adopting a different operational approach and process.

Your reporting isn’t done on a separate system, your client details are contained within a static spreadsheet, you don’t report on your onshore or offshore team separately. Our processes ensure full visibility or any compliance processes from a single source of truth, yours.

Here’s what we typically get involved in
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    PO/SO Management
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    KPI Reporting
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    Aged Creditor / Aged Debtor Analysis
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    Sales Invoices & Purchase Invoices
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    Supplier / Customer Management
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    Credit Control
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    Bank Reconciliation
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    Journal Entrie
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    Expense Claim Management
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    Cashbook Maintenance
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    Maintaining the FAR

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    VAT Reporting
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    Month-end Reporting and Activities

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    Processing Payment Runs

Why would you choose us?

Our people come first

We invest in, pay and develop our employees better than any other offshore partner, period. Don’t just take our word for it, transparency is in our DNA. Our job roles, what we pay our employees, their bespoke benefits packages and our profit margins are displayed on our client proposals and across our website. Happy staff that are appreciated, supported and well compensated to do a job they LOVE, provide a world class service.

Outstanding Communication

We’ve got a really cool setup to make sure our offshore team is top-notch at keeping communication flowing. We start with easy-to-follow guidelines that lay out what good communication looks like. Think of it as the ultimate cheat sheet for nailing every chat, email, or call.

Then, we roll into some fun, regular training sessions. These aren’t your typical snooze-fest seminars. We’re talking interactive workshops where our team gets to practice and polish their language and listening skills. It’s like a gym for communication muscles!

And to keep track of how everyone’s doing, we use these nifty things called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). For internal chats, it’s all about how quick and clear the responses are. For our clients, we look at feedback scores and how fast we’re sorting out their issues.

Built by finance for finance

This isn’t just a catchy phrase – it’s the cornerstone of everything we do. We understand that when it comes to financial solutions, the difference lies in the details. That’s why our services are crafted by people who’ve walked in your shoes and have won awards for it – seasoned financial specialists who know exactly what it takes to make the finance world tick forming, modelling and developing our working practices for you.

True Flexibility

You know how sometimes you just need one tiny thing done, and other times, it’s like you need an entire army? Well, that’s where our business shines! We’re like those cool, bendy yoga experts, but for work stuff. Whether you’ve got a single task or need us to build a whole office offshore with a thousand people, we’ve got your back.

Think of us as your go-to team that easily adapts to whatever you throw our way. Need just one job done? Want to go big and set up a massive office? We’re on it, building it from the ground up. Our whole vibe is about being as flexible as a rubber band. You say jump, we ask, ‘how high?’ and ‘in what style?’

So, no matter how your needs change, from the tiny to the gigantic, we’re here ready to roll with the punches and deliver exactly what you’re looking for. It’s all about making your life easier, no matter the size of the task!

Process Excellence

We’re not here to flip your world upside down with wild new methods (unless you want us to!). Instead, we’re all about syncing up with your way of doing things.

We’ve got an eagle eye for spotting the bits in your process that are already awesome and keeping them that way. And for the parts that might need a tiny tweak? We handle that with a gentle touch, ensuring everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

So, in a nutshell, we’re here to harmonise with your current processes, not to reinvent the wheel. It’s all about making sure things are running at their best, just the way you like them.

Quality Guaranteed

We treat every job, simple or complex, like it’s our masterpiece. Whether it’s a straightforward task or something that feels like a 1,000-piece puzzle, we handle it with the same level of care and precision.

Before we even start, we’re like detectives, diving deep into the details and nuances of what you need. We invest our time in really getting the full picture, so we know exactly what ‘success’ looks like for you. It’s not just about ticking boxes; it’s about fully understanding the heart of what you need.

Once we’re on the job, our quality control game is strong. We’ve got reviews, double-checks, and management processes that would make a Swiss watchmaker nod in approval. And if something looks like it needs a tweak or a full-scale adjustment, we’re on it faster than you can say ‘quality assurance’.

We’re all about ‘rightsizing’ too – making sure the approach and resources match the job perfectly, whether it’s big, small, or somewhere in-between. Every step we take is with one goal in mind – delivering top-notch work that makes you go ‘Wow!’. So, no matter the task, you can trust us to nail it with flying colors!

Fixed Fees

No matter how, when, or from where we work with you, our approach to fees is as straightforward as it gets. We believe in keeping things simple and transparent, which is why we offer a fixed fee for all our services regardless of ways of working. Right from the get-go, before any work begins, you’ll know exactly what the cost is.

No surprises when the bill comes! We do this because we understand how important budgeting and financial planning are for you. Our fixed fee models mean you can plan, budget, and work with us without worrying about any unexpected costs popping up along the way.

So, whether we’re working with you from across the street or across the globe, in the morning or at midnight, our commitment to a clear, upfront fixed fee remains the same. It’s all about providing you with peace of mind and a hassle-free experience.

Specified Recruitment

When it comes to bringing new folks into our team or matching them with you, our clients, we’re like those super attentive matchmakers. It’s not just about filling a seat for us. Oh no, we’re all about finding that perfect fit, like a puzzle piece that clicks just right.

We look at way more than just experience and qualifications. It’s like we’ve got this cool, secret recipe that includes a sprinkle of personality, a dash of company culture, and a big scoop of potential. We’re not just matching skills; we’re creating dynamic duos!

Our mantra? “Our business is your business.” We dive deep into understanding what makes your company tick. It’s like we’re on a mission to find that one person who doesn’t just do the job but adds a bit of magic to your team.

So, when we introduce someone to you, rest assured, we’ve done our homework. It’s not just about finding someone good; it’s about finding someone who’s great for you. It’s all about that mutual support and shared success.

Real Transparent Pricing

We’re not just about providing top-notch services; we’re also about building trust via value.

So, how do we do this? It’s simple – we lay all our cards on the table. When you choose to work with us, we share a detailed breakdown of our operational costs involved in delivering your job. This includes everything from the nuts and bolts of the task to our overhead expenses. But that’s not all. We also show you our profit margins.

Why do we do this? Because we believe you deserve to know exactly where your money is going. This transparency ensures you have full visibility into the cost-effectiveness of our solutions. We want you to feel confident and informed every step of the way, understanding the value you’re getting for every pound or dollar spent.

Zero loss of budget or hours

First things first, we’re not about counting every tick of the clock. Nope, we don’t work on an hourly rate. So, you can say goodbye to worrying about us only finishing half the job or asking for more hours. And the best part? There’s no use-it-or-lose-it policy with us. Those hours you thought might vanish into thin air at the end of the month? They’re safe and sound, ready for when you need them.

What this means for you is total peace of mind. You’ll never find us exceeding your planned budget or leaving you with half-baked results. We’re all about delivering the full shebang without any nasty surprises or cut-off periods where your unused budgets disappear.

So, relax and let us take care of the work. Your budget is in safe hands with us, and we’re here to make sure you get the full value of every penny you’ve planned to spend.

As Close As You Can Get To Direct Employment

Our offshore staffing solution is as close as it gets to having your own team right next door, minus the long flights and jet lag.

We understand that flexibility is key in business, so we’ve tailored our approach to make it super smooth for you. Our notice periods? They’re in perfect sync with your contractual terms. It’s like having a mirror image of your onshore contracts, but offshore. This means you get all the flexibility and ease of managing an onshore team, with the added benefits of offshore staffing.

And here’s our promise – we don’t believe in tying you down with long, complicated contracts. Our commitment is to match the specific contractual terms of the employee we’re placing with you. No more, no less. It’s all about creating a hassle-free, transparent, and flexible working relationship that feels just right.

So, whether you’re scaling up or need just that one extra pair of hands, our offshore solution gives you the feel of direct onshore employment, with all the perks of going global.

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